My Hair Transformation – Brown to Blonde

My hair transformation from long and brunette to short and blonde at home! I really hope this video helps anyone thinking of taking the plunge and bleaching their hair at home. Remember to always do your research and make sure you’re fully committed before going ahead, as bleach can be extremely damaging to your hair, particularly if you have dry damaged hair to begin with. I have been blessed with thick, strong and oil-prone hair so I was very lucky that the bleach didn’t do far more damage to my hair after bleaching it so many times in a row without using olaplex or something similar. If you have the money, I would definitely recommend going to a professional salon, as a lot can go wrong when bleaching at home. If you have already bleached your hair and are completely freaking out because it has gone orange or yellow or some insane shade, please just be calm! As I say in the video, everyone’s hair is different so you won’t really know what’s going to happen until you bleach it to reveal what’s underneath. Take a deep breath and do a bit of research (I will link some helpful videos I have found that were amazing when I was completely freaking out at my hair going bright orange!). And remember, if worst comes to worst, your hair will always grow out so it won’t be permanently damaged forever if something has gone wrong xx

A x


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