Back to basics

collageAh the old jeans and a t-shirt. Such an underrated combo I find. I love pairing simple items with plenty of jewellery to achieve a casual yet sophisticated look. A good tip I find really useful to keep in mind for this look is to make sure to shop for basics that complement your skin tone. For me, I suit warm colours and particularly darker earthy tones. I always make sure to look at my items when shopping to make sure they’re all in line with the warmer theme of my wardrobe. And of course all my jewellery is gold! Jewellery is a fantastic way to spice up an outfit or to make a well-worn one look new and interesting again. I love layering jewellery and experimenting with different combinations. Again I would recommend pairing together items that complement your skin tone and of course the clothes you’re wearing. While gold and silver can actually look great together, don’t go too overboard. Pairing one or two silver items with plenty of gold will do the trick nicely if you’re warm-toned like me. Makeup is also a nice way to pull together and polish off an outfit like this. I chose a very warm makeup look, with bronzed lids and chocolate lips. Oh and did I mention you don’t have to spend a fortune? None of the looks below were expensive … at all! I’ve chosen to use the same pair of jeans for all three looks – a cropped, boyfriend-style pair from M&S. What did I tell you? NOT expensive …

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Look 1: t-shirt – H&M, jeans – M&S, necklace – Forever 21, rings – Lovisa and Michael Hill, watch – Michael Kors. Look 2: t-shirt – H&M, necklace – Forever 21, rings – Lovisa. Look 3: t-shirt – Atmosphere (at Primark), necklace – Forever 21, rings – Lovisa.

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